The Marquees

Are you planning an event for 2020 and looking to hire a unique marquee for shade and shelter? Showtime Marquees specialise in marquee hire across the United Kingdom and are pleased to offer this unique marquee to hire, a 19m Twin Star Marquee, designed specifically with the UK weather in mind. This marquee fuses a traditional style with modern minimalist aesthetics, providing large clear views allowing you to feel well and truly outside yet sheltered from the elements.

We have two types of marquees, simply named:

The Big One

The Big One really is big. Spacious, light and airy, this marquee allows you to feel fully outside whilst providing plenty of shade and shelter for your guests.

Our marquee has been, and can be used for a range of functions, comfortably seating 120 people at tables, providing shelter for teas and cake, offering a striking cover for a range of classic cars, or providing an all weather covering for any form of party.

When raised, the marquee can have sidewalls attached (3 windows, 2 plain) for extra shelter, or can be left open to allow a welcoming entrance to the shelter, or huge views out to the rest of your event.

  • The marquee’s roof is 4.4 metres (14ft) from the ground offering a spacious feel
  • It is 19 metres (62ft) wide by 11.3 metres (37ft) deep, with only two central poles as obstacles inside.
  • 2 x 12 metre (39ft) wide entrances with 2.2 metre (7ft) tall openings offering a huge welcoming aperture.
  • 4 further entrances which can be covered or left open depending on your request.
  • The marquee needs a space of 20 metres by 12 metres (65ft x 39ft) in order for it to be raised.
  • Can seat 120 guests


The Little Ones

The little one, is as you’d expect, far smaller than “The Big One”. It is most suitable to be used as a breakout space, for a bar, photo booth or storage area, “The Little One” will be great. If you want a shelter for the band to play under without having them take up space in “The Big One”, somewhere to store the chairs from the early stages of your event, or an additional area for a bar then this could be the ideal add on to your booking.

The Little One is made up of two heavy duty gazebos linked with a rain gutter to ensure the area stays dry. As there are two the space becomes versatile, so it can be configured at 4.5m x 6m (14.5ft x 19.5ft), or 9m x 3m (30ft x 10ft) depending on how you’d prefer it.

Many of our clients purchase gazebos from high street shops and set them up as bars, but often we return to collect The Big One to find that their gazebo was damaged before, or sometimes during the event from the weather. We’ve seen one gazebo on it’s side, an other blown across a field. Our gazebos are constructed of heavy duty professional materials. The canopy is constructed of 600d PVC and attached with reinforced Velcro, far stronger than many competitors. The frame is made of 50mm aluminium, allowing it to stand the test of the British weather. We use tie down storm straps to ensure it stays where it should for the duration of your event.

We only hire out “The Little Ones” with “The Big One” so if you’re looking for a little extra breakout space then please do not hesitate to ask us to include it in your quote.