Marquee Lighting

We are pleased to be able to offer a marquee lighting solution for your event. The lighting is a modern “Warm White LED” festoon light, which is attached from the four widest diagonal points of the marquee to the central poles, and then a length runs across the centre. From the two poles a length of fairy lights is ran over to the guy ropes at the main entrance of the marquee (see floor plan below).

These lights offer more of a romantic ambience to your event rather than a futuristic hi-key lighting scheme. If you wanted to use the lights to eat under we would advise adding additional table lights, but if it’s for a party, band, or for general ambient lighting then these festoons will do a wonderful job.

All of the lights we fit run from a single standard plug, which we will leave plugged into a waterproof box in the corner of the marquee.



One of our last customers of 2016 sent us the following message “Hi, the lighting was perfect we had some lanterns on tables just for atmosphere and lit our bar with fairy lights which we had on the fencing etc but inside the tent itself was super bright. we had one disco light but that was it”.