Somebody asked us recently “What is bunting?” which got us thinking. The only answer we could give on the spot was “it’s like a piece of string with little triangles tied to it”, and with that he understood. There is a certain art to marquee decoration, and we are pleased to bunting as a cost effective solution.

For us, bunting is the fabric that ties an event together. It is the fabric that allows people to feel sheltered and cosy, it makes an event feel complete. Here at Showtime Marquees we have been working hard to provide you with bunting options, as we realise that turning up with a box of multi-coloured triangles sewn to a piece of string isn’t necessarily going to fit with your colour scheme.

We believe that our marquee looks at it’s best with bunting hanging across it, and blowing gently in the summer breeze. Depending on the interior configuration you choose, we look to hang between 65 & 90 metres.

So here you can sample the availble options, and the images below are given to offer an indication of how we will hang the bunting for your event. If you would like a bespoke colour scheme and you give us enough time, we’re confident we could get it made for you.



We have avaialble a spring colour scheme which comprises various shades and tones of green, and new from 2017 we have an autumnal range, made up of oranges, reds and browns.

So if you’re interested in hiring bunting from us, and for our team to install it whilst they’re putting the marquee up, please ask us today for a quote.