Frequent Questions

Q: Do your charges differ depending on the day of the week we want it?

A: Nope

Q: What about the time of the year we want it?

A: Nope

Q: How about the type of event. Should we tell you it’s a private party so you don’t charge us more?

A: Nope! Our pricing structure is based around the duration the marquee is on site for, and the extras you request. We’re not going to charge you more because you’re getting married, or less because its a Christening.


Q: How do you manage to provide such affordable pricing?

A: We are a small company which in our eyes is great for our clients. We are a team of three investors, we are not employed so do not have sick pay, holiday pay or maternity pay to worry about.  We have no wages to pay and few expenses. We care more about increasing our reputation than our turnover.

We only have the two marquees so we do not have to pay large warehousing costs. We have no custom designed transport, instead delivering the marquee either in a car with a roof rack or in a small van, depending on who’s driving.

Because of our limited size our turnover stays below the VAT threshold saving our customers 20% on all bookings. That also saves us expensive accountancy fees. Another win win situation.

But the best thing about being a small, independent company, is that we get to deal with the entire customer experience, from start to finish. When you contact us for a quote, you speak with the same people who will turn up to set the marquee up for your event. That means you don’t have to wait for us to talk to our setup crew, or to our foreman.


Q: Does being small not limit you as a company

A: In many ways yes it does. If Chelsea flower show requested 1500 square metres of sheltered space we would have to decline it, however much they might have been paying.


Q: So does that increase my risk?

A: Quite the opposite actually. Being a small company increases your chances of satisfaction. The booking communications, site communications and aftercare communications are all with the same people. We care about our reputation so can often find a way to support your requests, however wonderful (or weird) they may be. We also have public liability insurance, just in case anything out of our control does go wrong. The only risk you face is that we already have a booking on the date of your event. Why not give us a call and find out.


Q: Okay, so I think I’m in love with your business model, how do I know if The Big One will fit on my land.

A: To answer this you need to know a few things. To start with you need to know that the space you are intending on us raising the marquee in is at least 12m x 21m. Secondly, are there any overhead powerlines. Finally, are there any pipes or storage tanks that run under the ground. The marquee is anchored down by 22 stakes that are around 80cm tall.


Q: What if something goes wrong after you’ve put the marquee up

A: For the duration of your event we will be nearby. We will have our phone and we will provide you with our personal numbers on the disclaimer also. We would aim to be with you within 60 minutes to rectify any issues that have arisen.


Q: There’s enough space, there’s no electricity cables above and no pipes below, what now?

A: Give us a call 07479 211229 or drop us an email to discuss availability and pricing. We will then request a small deposit to confirm your date. At least 14 days before your event we will request full payment. On the arranged day we will turn up and ask you to sign a disclaimer raise the marquee and leave you to enjoy your event. We’ll then return at the arranged time to dismantle the marquee and disappear into the sunset. A few days later we’ll get in touch to check everything was okay.

Q: You provided a marquee for our event, we think you were ace can we leave you any feedback.

A: We’d welcome your feedback, good & great. If you have a Google Account then search our name and hit Leave Review and leave a review on our Facebook and fill in the Feedback section of our website. All feedback/reviews are appreciated.