Hire Availability



Marquee Hire Availability

You can use this page to check our marquee hire availability for the weekend of your event. We try to update this page weekly but at the very least we’ll update it as and when we take a booking. We will mark down Public Events as and when we take the bookings as these are great opportunities for you to come and see the marquee in action. Unfortunately, we cannot invite you to Private Events which are the bookings we tend to take earlier in the year. In our experience, Jan & Feb is the time we take the majority of our bookings for the year, and with just one of these marquees we sugest you get your hire dates secured as soon as possible. If you’d like to enquire regarding a date that is available please drop us a line or give us a call!




Midweek Bookings

If you require the marquee for a date that isn’t shown as avaiable, or booked, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. We do occasionally take midweek bookings, and very rarely put the marquee up in the winter, but these are at our discretion.

Winter Break

We look to shut down our services after September for a winter break. At this point in the year it’s obviously far colder and wetter than through the summer, so in our view it’s better for us to pull the marquee down and off-site where it can be cleaned, treated and prepared for the following year. It gives us chance to take stock, fix any bent pegs, create any alterations and discuss our business direction for the coming year.