Hire Availability

We currently have two of these truly unique Twinstar Marquees. We have hire availability of one marquee for public events and one to private events throughout the spring and summer months. The marquee is always raised from a giant blue tarpaulin (it’s a comedy show watching us try and fold it up, well worth sticking around for), in an attempt to limit any dirt/water that can enter the canopy. Due to it being a single piece of fabric cleaning is a labour intensive and time consuming job. Don’t be surprised if request to turn up early to your event and bring cleaning poles with us, it’s far easier for us to give it a quick once over whilst on-site before installing any lighting/bunting, than it is to give it a floor scrub.

Midweek Bookings

We can offer midweek bookings, and very rarely put the marquee up in the winter, but these are at our discretion.

Winter Break

We look to shut down our services after September for a winter break. At this point in the year it’s obviously far colder and wetter than through the summer, so in our view it’s better for us to pull the marquee down and off-site where it can be cleaned, treated and prepared for the following year. It gives us chance to take stock, fix any bent pegs, create any alterations and discuss our business direction for the coming year.